What’s Come To Light About Brittany Since Her Untimely Death

What’s Come To Light About Brittany Since Her Untimely Death, Hollywood Celebrity Gossip 2017.

Latest Celebrities 2019, Hollywood Celebrity Gossip 2017, What’s Come To Light About Brittany Since Her Untimely Death.

What's Come To Light About Brittany Since Her Untimely Death

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When actress Brittany Murphy was found dead at age 32 on Dec. 20, 2009, the news sent shock waves through the entertainment community. What started as an open-and-shut case transformed into anything but. Questions still linger today about her shocking death.

When the cause of Murphy’s passing was revealed in February 2010, Assistant Chief Ed Winter of the Los Angeles coroner’s office told People Magazine that her death could’ve been prevented. The primary cause was pneumonia, and no illegal drugs were found in her system. Winter revealed that Murphy, who was anemic, was planning on seeing a doctor, but she unfortunately passed away before she got around to it. She was taking medication, but he believes that she should’ve gotten medical treatment.

Murphy’s death was officially ruled accidental, with the elevated levels of over-the-counter and prescription drugs she had taken reportedly having adverse effects on her. Her husband, English film producer Simon Monjack, told People Magazine that she had visited a doctor and was on antibiotics, but Winter disputed this version of events.

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Husband’s questionable past | 1:03
Sketchy charity | 1:56
Dying exactly the same way | 2:43
Possibly fatal mold | 3:25
Possible poisoning | 4:05

Hollywood Latest Celebrity Gossip, Hollywood Celebrities Official Latest Story, What’s Come To Light About Brittany Since Her Untimely Death.

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