The Truth About R. Kelly’s Divorce

The Truth About R. Kelly’s Divorce, Hollywood Celebrity Gossip 2018.

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The Truth About R. Kelly's Divorce

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R. Kelly is no stranger to controversy. Sordid details about his former marriage to Andrea, a.k.a. “Drea” Kelly are among a long line of serious allegations that have been leveled at the R&B star over the years. Let’s take a closer look at the circumstances surrounding their rocky union and contentious divorce.

R. Kelly has been accused of coercing more than one woman into terminating a pregnancy, but he apparently got baby fever not long after his marriage to Andrea. The singer had three children with his backup dancer-turned-spouse over the course of six years, but according to Andrea, his behavior may have threatened the well-being of his youngest child with her before he was even born.

During Lifetime’s influential Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, Andrea alleged that the singer made her pack up and move to Florida during the late stages of her pregnancy with no explanation whatsoever. She said in an interview on the show,

“I was under so much stress that when we went to the OBGYN, they couldn’t find his heartbeat. I was in that much stress that it put my unborn child’s life in jeopardy. Because here I am, by myself in Florida, I don’t know anybody.”

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Distress and upset | 0:17
It all collapses | 1:03
Fearing for her life | 1:58
Driven to the brink | 3:21
Faith in rescue | 4:08
Those ‘sex cult’ claims | 5:11
Another side of the story? | 6:39
Turning blind eyes | 7:57
Denying the allegations | 8:57

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