The Truth About Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga’s Relationship

The Truth About Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga’s Relationship, New Hollywood Celebrities Coming Out.

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The Truth About Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga's Relationship

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The chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in A Star is Born is undeniable, but the co-stars’ off-screen connection has attracted even more attention, prompting many to wonder if their friendship is evolving into a legitimate romance. Here’s the truth about Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s relationship.

Gaga and Bradley Cooper briefly met on the set of Saturday Night Live several years ago according to Vogue, but their first real meeting wouldn’t take place until 2016. At the time, Cooper was attending a backyard “cancer benefit” where Gaga was performing “La Vie en Rose” — the same tune she would later sing in A Star Is Born.

With her blonde hair pulled back, away from her face, Cooper saw Gaga as a “stripped-down” musician who was serious about her craft. He told W magazine he knew right then and there that she had to play his love interest. He reportedly called her agent the next day and asked if he could stop by her house. Gaga told Vogue she felt an instant connection, adding,

“I was like, Have I known you my whole life?

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Instant connection | 0:15
Chemistry and meatballs | 0:52
Giving him confidence | 1:25
Ditching the Gaga | 2:05
Going all in | 2:38
Is it really the friendzone? | 3:10
A wrap on Cooper and Gaga? | 4:12

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