Pete Davidson SLAMS Kanye West SNL Rant + Kanye DELETES Social Media

Pete Davidson SLAMS Kanye West SNL Rant + Kanye DELETES Social Media, New Hollywood Princess Celebrities.

Celebrity News 2018, Hollywood Celebrities Official Latest Story, Pete Davidson SLAMS Kanye West SNL Rant + Kanye DELETES Social Media.

Pete Davidson SLAMS Kanye West SNL Rant + Kanye DELETES Social Media

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Pete Davidson slammed Kanye West on this week’s SNL, and the rapper unexpectedly deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts…again.

Pete Davidson had lots to say about Kanye’s controversial rant that didn’t make it to air.

Ariana Grande’s fiancé recalled having to stand in the background while West who was wearing a MAGA hat, gave an awkward speech to the audience:

Davidson went on to say that Kanye said people QUOTE “bullied him into not wearing the Make America Great Again hat” but the truth is, he actually wore it all week and NOBODY told him not to.

The comedian joked around about a stupid hat he once wore while out and about with Ariana Grande.

He also took issue with West declaring that QUOTE- “this is the real me” and offered him some advice:

As you guys know, the 24-year-old SNL cast member has struggled with borderline personality disorder and hasn’t shied away from sharing his personal struggles. He gave Kanye this loud and clear message:

He ended the ‘Weekend update’ by mocking Kanye with his own version of the infamous red hat that read, “Make Kanye 2006 Again” and begged for him to just drop that album.

As you guys know, Kim Kardashian’s husband was expected to release Yandhi on September 29th but pushed the release to November 23rd.

He also deleted his Instagram and Twitter account after being slammed for his recent ignorant 13th amendment message. This however doesn’t surprise us as West has deleted his social media accounts in the past.

The question is, did you like the way Pete Davidson addressed things on SNL and do you think Kim made him delete his accounts? Sound off in the comments section down below, click over here for more and then subscribe to our channels. I’m your host Ava Gordy and I’ll see you next time!

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Hollywood Celebrity News, New Celebrities Latest Story, English Celebrities, Pete Davidson SLAMS Kanye West SNL Rant + Kanye DELETES Social Media.

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