Melania Trump’s Leather Pants Created A Strange Optical Illusion

Melania Trump’s Leather Pants Created A Strange Optical Illusion, Hollywood Second Screen.

Latest Celebrities 2019, New Hollywood Celebrities Coming Out, Melania Trump’s Leather Pants Created A Strange Optical Illusion.

Melania Trump's Leather Pants Created A Strange Optical Illusion

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First Lady Melania Trump had a sizable chunk of Twitter users scratching their heads in late December 2018, after she wore an apparently confusing pair of pants. Upon arriving in Washington, D.C. with President Trump, early on December 27th, Melania was spotted wearing an outfit that looked a whole lot more revealing than it actually was, especially at first glance.

Donning oversized sunglasses and an emerald green belted coat that hit below her waist, Melania also had on a pair of tan leather pants that looked sort of similar to her natural skin color – at least to a rather vocal contingent of myopic Twitter users. These fashion bugs were, at first, alarmed at Melania’s look, wondering why exactly a First Lady would choose to forgo trousers, or why she’d choose to wear a skirt so short that it was completely covered by her jacket.

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Hollywood Film Gossip, Hollywood Celebrity Gossip 2018, Melania Trump’s Leather Pants Created A Strange Optical Illusion.

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