Khloe Kardashian POSTPONES Cleveland Move Over Tristan’s CHEATING

Khloe Kardashian POSTPONES Cleveland Move Over Tristan’s CHEATING, Hollywood Celebrity News 2018.

Good Celebrity News 2017, Hollywood Latest Story Moana, Khloe Kardashian POSTPONES Cleveland Move Over Tristan’s CHEATING.

Khloe Kardashian POSTPONES Cleveland Move Over Tristan's CHEATING

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You could say it’s been a tough year for Khloe Kardashian. Despite welcoming her baby daughter True into the world, the reality TV star was totally caught off-guard earlier this year when her boyfriend and father of her child, Tristan Thompson, was caught red-handed cheating on her. She was pregnant at the time…
And through it all, Khloe stood by Tristan’s side, even though her family and really the entire internet basically turned against him… understandably. But we’re not here to judge anybody else’s relationship, so we support whatever Khloe wants to do with her relationship. And it looked as if Khlo wanted to move to Cleveland, to move in with Tristan, so that her family could all be together, since he plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers as we all know. But those plans have allegedly been put on hold since Tristan was caught in yet another cheating scandal just a few weeks ago. While the NBA player was out clubbing, without Khloe, he allegedly got a little too close to another female. And by a little too close, I mean WAY TOO CLOSE. A source told Us Weekly that QUOTE “Tristan and a girl were chatting and flirting throughout the night. They were very touchy-feely. He had his hand on her butt.”
Not her butt, Tristan. Have you learned NOTHING?!
Well, that obviously didn’t sit well with anybody who loves and supports Khloe, and OBVIOUSLY Khloe, if it is true… but since there was no actual evidence of any such event occurring, unlike the last time, when we had actual PHOTOS AND VIDEOS, it’s tough to say whether or not it’s really true. What we do know is that a source is now alleging that Khloe is putting a PAUSE on any plans to move in with Tristan. Khloe was in Palm Springs filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians this past weekend, and source tells People Mag that she was QUOTE “emotional,” revealing that QUOTE “her feelings about Tristan cheating is something that she is still dealing with. She has good weeks when she is fine about it and weeks when she is upset about it.”
The source is seemingly referring to the only actual proven cheating scandal that went down while Khloe was pregnant, but obviously if there have been even any rumors, that doesn’t add to the process of moving past it. And according to the source, she’s finding it difficult to leave her family too. The source continues telling People QUOTE “Of course it’s difficult to trust someone 100 percent who cheated days before we was about to become a dad. Khloe still struggles with this sometimes. Se wants to move back to Cleveland, but she isn’t sure what date she is going. The move is postponed for now. She seems very upset about leaven her family. She had the best summer in LA.
The whole thing is just really sad because obviously this kind of thing is never something you plan for and should ever have to expect from the father of your child and love of your life. Sooooo, we just really hope that these latest rumors are not true so that they can continue to work through this.
What do you guys think about Khloe putting her move to Cleveland on hold? Is this the best plan for her right now? I’m gonna go with yes, but I want to hear from you so drop your thoughts down in the comments and then click right here for another brand new video and be sure to subscribe to our channel. Thanks so much for checking in with me here on Clevver, I’m Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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